Jan Łukaszewski

Jan Łukaszewski has come to be accepted as one of Europe's most accomplished choral music specialists.

He is conductor, artistic director and director general of Polski Chór Kameralny.

Much in demand as a guest conductor, he e.g. regularly works with the Polish Radio Choir as well as directing numerous projects both in Poland and abroad.

His main artistic interests lie in the fields of romantic and of contemporary music, and, especially in connection with Polski Chór Kameralny he has gained a reputation of being able to make possible the impossible and in a very short time, indeed, preparing musically valid interpretations of even the most complex of works. Hence the number of premier performances directed by him is vast.

His work with a whole series of chamber and symphony orchestras (such as Sinfonia Varsovia, Polish Chamber Philharmonic, Neue Düsseldorfer Hofmusik, Academy of Ancient Music) has found great critical appraise for being inspired and generally exemplary.

In Poland, Jan Łukaszewski is regarded as one of the few that propagate the music of such composers as Schönberg, Messiaen, Xenakis, Globokar, Castiglioni, Takemitsu, R. Strauss, Pepping, Tippett, Ives, and Barber. His abundant recordings for Polish Radio and a multitude of other European stations and for Polish and German Television as well as his numerous CD recordings reflect the quality of his work. The high artistic level of Polski Chór Kameralny under his direction time and again inspires composers to write works for unaccompanied choir. Jan Łukaszewski's work has been acknowledged with numerous awards.