South Shore

Elzbieta Sikora

"South Shore" - 20'concertino for harp and orchestra

publisher: PWM

This work was commissioned by the Polish Harp Society and François Jakez, CAMAC, France.

It comprises three movements played attacca.

The first part, allegretto, where the musical material of the whole piece is exposed, includes the colourful play between harp and orchestra. This is initiated by the solo instrument's short two-note motive, which evolves progressively.

At the beginning the orchestra adds only some coloured shadows to the harp, becoming soon the strong partner of the musical dialog.

In the second movement, lento possibile, the soloist quietly exposes different ways of making sounds.

The third part, vivo, shows all the virtuosity of the solo instrument. The rhythm is here the most important factor. The live transformation of the harp's sound adds complex layers to the instrumental sound, enhances its colour and replaces it in time and space.

The title of the piece refers to Lake Michigan on whose shores I wrote this score, when in residence at the University of Chicago.

"South shore" is dedicated to Helga Stork and Isabelle Perrin.

The first performance took place at the Katowice II International Harp Festival with Isabelle Perrin , harp, the New Music Orchestra and Szymon Bywalec, conductor.