Elzbieta Sikora

"Suite" (1990) for cello & tape.

Suite Suite is a work which form is "classical" by choice.

It is composed of five parts: Introductione, Scherzo, Largo, Cadenza and Finale.

It contains a confrontation of two apparently diverse sound worlds: a string instrument and an electronically recorded tape.

The former is free in respect of the developments occurring in time and the latter has been preserved in time forever. The composition technique which I applied here in both solo and electronic parts is intended to create an illusion of the freedom of the recorded part, which, in a sense, feeds on the (controlled) freedom enjoyed by the soloist, while both parts are the components of the same musical space. The form of the piece is similar to that of a concerto. The role of the orchestra is played here by the electro-acoustic part.

Suite, commissioned by the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, was composed in Warsaw and Paris between 1989 and 1990. The tape was produced in the Experimental Studio, with the technical assistance of Barbara Okoń-Makowska. The premiere took place at the Contemporary Music Festival in Wrocław in 1990. The solo part was played by Ivan Monighetti.