Neue Düsseldorfer Hofmusik

As masters of style and technique and – literally - setting the tone in the field of Early Music the ensemble Neue Düsseldorfer Hofmusik have been labelled by the experts, an estimation which has recently been substantiated by the „Echo 2002" Classic Prize which they received for their CD recording of works by Georg Philipp Telemann.

The ensemble’s name (translated: New Düsseldorf Court Music) not only points to its place of foundation (in 1995) but also to the re-awakening of an old tradition hailing from the Baroque period when both the city and the princely court of Düsseldorf were flourishing. One of the aims the Neue Düsseldorfer Hofmusik have set for themselves is to revive the rich musical legacy left by the dukes and the electoral princes of the Palatinate who, in the 17th and 18th centuries, resided at Düsseldorf. The high standard of this undertaking is guaranteed by musicians who, after long and intensive studies of historical performance practices have specialized in period music.

Naturally, the Neue Düsseldorfer Hofmusik do not limit their range of activities to the Rhine region – although one of their most prestigious project is the Monteverdi cycle at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf-Duisburg which took off in 2001 and will be coming to an end in 2009. The Neue Düsseldorfer Hofmusik are frequent guests at prominent concert halls throughout Europe and spend a lot of their time recording a whole range mainly of lesser kwon or recently discovered works for both for the radio and on CD (labels amongst others, Carus, Coviello Classics, Sony Classics).