Slovak Chamber Philharmonic  Orchestra

Slovak Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra is composed of the prominent professional musicians of the Košice State Philharmonic.

This musical ensemble has achieved great success in Slovakia as well as abroad. Particularly successful were the concert tours in the South Korea (1999) and Mexico (2005)

The members of this orchestra participated in abroad performances of the Košice State Philharmonic (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hong-Kong, USA, Mexico, … )

A long-lasting cooperation and friendship with conductors and soloists has resulted in positive outcomes and success, the joint concerts were positively evaluated by the audiences as well as press.

Besides concerts-related activities, the Chamber Orchestra also participated in recording CDs in cooperation with various publishing houses and Slovak Broadcasting Company. In 2004, the orchestra, conducted by K. Trevor (U.K.), recorded premier musical pieces of several American composers.

The repertoire of the orchestra covers the period starting with Baroque up to the contemporary music.

At present, the orchestra works under the leadership of K. Petróczi.