Ingolf Wunder

He is the 2nd Prize winner at the 16th International Chopin Competition is Warsaw in 2010. Additionally he received the public award for the best competition pianist and special prizes for the best performer of the concerto and Polonaise-Fantasie.

Ingolf Wunder was born on September 8th 1985. He had his first music lesson at the age of four, and celebrated his early musical successes with the violin by the age of eight. Having already achieved a high level of musical skillwith that instrument, Ingolf first occupied himself seriously with the piano at the age of 14, after a teacher accidentally discovered his extraordinary talent for the instrument and urged him to dedicate himself intensively to the piano. At age 14 Mr. Wunder gave his debut in the Schubertsaal of the Wiener Konzerthaus and i t was the success of that debut which persuaded him to forsake the violin in order to fully pursue the piano.

He studied at the Viennese Academy of Music. Surely the first impressions one can win from his playing are the judgement and restraint with which he uses his prodigious technique and his exceptional ability to build a piece "so that it seems to lie before him like an immense landscape, revealed to the eye at a single glance". The dramatic sense of structure which underlies most of Mr. Wunder's performances may owe something to his early experiences in music school, where he was able to indulge not only in his love of music, generally, but also in his apparently insatiable musical appetite.

The seemingly unlimited range of his affinities is born from his earliest years of boundless curiosity and an extraordinary memory. It is one of Mr. Wunder's most precious attributes as a performer, and one shared by few front-rank virtuosos, that he focuses the attention of his audiences entirely on whatever music he happens to be playing. Even at his performances of unfamiliar and sometimes inaccessible pieces, one can hear the proverbial pin drop. Among the most outstanding of Ingolf Wunder's characteristics is his uncanny ability to illuminate the minutest details while, at the same time, making them converge into a single, unified whole. He removes all barriers between composer and listener.

Unlike many players of the younger generation, Ingolf Wunder is not in the business of bandishing his contrapuntual acumen (though in polyphonic clarity he needs yield to no-one) or dazzling us with his prestidigitation, the elegance of his ornaments or the rigor of his musicological scholarship. Indeed, he transcends the whole concept of historicism in performance, rendering it finally irrelevant by illuminating, with an art that defies analysis, the sheer universality of the music itself.

At fifteen years of age, the pianist has performed several recitals and has already made his debut with orchestra. He has performed in many parts of the world, including Austria, France, Germany, China, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Belgium, Portugal, USA as well as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Poland. On November 24th,2010 he will perform in the Great Hall of Musikverein with Cracow Philharmonic.