Ensemble Sans Souci Berlin

Ensemble Sans Souci Berlin was founded in 1985 by recorder and transverse flute player Christoph Huntgeburth, violinist Irmgard Huntgeburth and viol player Niklas Trüstedt.

As instructors at the music colleges in Berlin and Dresden, professors at international courses, and world-wide concertizing musicians they have gained international recognition.

With various instrumental scorings ranging from duet to orchestra the repertoire of the ensemble spans the early Baroque to the Romantic.

Great emphasis is put on the collaboration with extraordinary young musicians, especially students and graduates of the "Institute for Old Music" at the UdK Berlin.

Through critical examination of historic performance practice and intellectual history, psychology and body language, the building of instruments from historic models, and newly discovered scores, the ensemble's work becomes unmistakably their own. Special attention is also given to the revival of the music around Frederic II.

Their CD's on this topic document the vital contribution that the "Berliner Schule" had to the development of the Classical and Romantic style in Europe.

Fertile collaborations with singers and directors of baroque opera lead to particularly convincing audible and visible results, as is shown by the productions with the theater ensemble "I confidenti".

Co-productions with artists of other mediums, e.g. the production of "The Musical Offering" by J.S. Bach with the New York dance company Trisha Brown point to new ways for Old Music.

The Ensemble Sans Souci Berlin strives to create a sound that will "arrest the hearts, give rise to passions, or still them, and put its listeners now into this and now into another affect." (Forkel, around 1800)