Aleksander Dębicz

An artist belonging to the Millennial generation, he personifies all of its traits: he is a creator but also a performer, seeks possibilities to include technology in his work as a pianist, looks for fulfilment in many different kinds of music. At the same time, he is one of the best young Polish pianists.

Aleksander Dębicz’s starting point is classical music. In his work the artist seeks to return to the neglected practice of improvisation, which was a regular element of music concerts and soirées until the 19th century.

Improvisation is the pianist’s best means of expression, joining together the roles of pianist and creator, enabling classical interpretations to offer a new narrative. Aleksander Dębicz is not interested in simply reproducing musical notation, he adds to the fabric of a piece anything that his own creative imagination suggests at a given moment. A thorough music education, extensive and in-depth knowledge on the technique of different composers enables him to interpret works in a given composer’s style. This makes each and every concert a unique event. Based on improvisation, he presents ever new renderings, even of well-known compositions. This poses an even greater challenge than reproducing the notation of a piece of classical music, as it requires not only technical skills but also a talent for composing and improvisation.

Only those artists who are classical music virtuosos can afford to blend different types and styles of music. An artist who knows the classics in depth will have the right approach to tradition and the present. Dębicz looks at the early masters in their historical context, when they played the same role as today’s pop stars, and thus builds bridges between different periods, incorporating improvisations – as contemporary means of expression – in the works of other composers.

The pianist is very comfortable with Baroque music, especially compositions by Bach, as well as the expressionist output of Scriabin, whose idiom suits the young artist very well.

Aleksander Dębicz’s interests also encompass other kinds of music – he takes part in jazz and pop projects, works with DJs but also computer graphics artists, improvising to 2D and 3D animations.

His musical quests take him not only to solo performances but also chamber music.

Numerous awards in piano competitions of all kinds as well as critical acclaim confirm that Aleksander Dębicz is a versatile pianist.

He is also a fan of the cinema and a gifted composer. His first record, released by Warner Music and entitled Cinematic Piano, contains twelve of his compositions inspired by film soundtracks. Critics underline that these pieces “are surprising not only in their original approach but also as an intricately built collage of music styles juxtaposed even within a single piece. Amazing virtuosity straight from the études of Chopin as well as sophisticated jazz work really well in this pianist’s interpretations; within the same composition, you can hear minimalistic film themes and a melodious, lyrical cantilena reminiscent of Schumann’s piano miniatures or Schubert’s lieder”.